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TEROS ONE EC/VWC Substrate Sensor (Dual Sensor)

TEROS ONE EC/VWC Substrate Sensor (Dual Sensor)

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⚠️ Requires AROYA GO

AROYA GO starter bundle with included software license is a requirement for using and purchasing this product



  • 2 TEROS ONE Sensors
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    • Remarkably precise substrate electrical conductivity measurements: AROYA’s patented new sensor technology produces data 10x more precise than other sensor designs, even in high-salinity environments. Dial in your nutrient levels with no hesitation.
    • Water content and volumetric water content measurements: Master irrigation, maximize growth, minimize nutrient leaching – and replicate it perfectly every grow cycle.
    • Substrate temperature measurements: Ensure the right levels of moisture intake, nutrient absorption, and growth by managing ideal root zone temperatures.
    • Continuous, reliable data: TEROS sensors take readings and sync them to the AROYA platform every three minutes, 24/7, to give you a clear and complete picture.
    • Less cost, more capability: After millions of dollars in R&D investment and seven years of testing, we’ve done it: Created a new TEROS that’s better than its predecessor and still costs less. Win-win. Win.
    • Built for AROYA: Connects seamlessly to AROYA software for both AROYA GO and AROYA CORE users. Syncs data automatically and reliably.
    • Rugged, long lasting design: Built with resilient epoxy fill, corrosion-resistant stainless steel needles, and tough, securely-attached cables to last years of cultivation.
    • Energy efficient for years of battery life: TEROS’ economical design helps AROYA NOSE data relay devices boast a 3+ year battery life.
    • Easy installation for perfectly consistent data: Sharp stainless steel needles slide easily into any growing medium.
    • Stress-free substrate-specific calibration: We did the complicated stuff already. Simply select your grow medium in the AROYA app and the TEROS will give you the most precise readings for that substrate.
    • Space-saving hardware design: We packed more capability into fewer sensor needles to make TEROS ONE smaller than previous versions, but even more powerful.
    • Limited sensor variability: The included sensor alignment tool ensures reliable and repeatable data from plant to plant and season to season.

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